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Yoshi is an extrasensory minor character in Abobo's Big Adventure.


Yoshi is one of the few characters in the game that didn't originate on the Nintendo Entertainment System, as he debuted in Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System instead, however, while Yoshi is not an NES character, he did make on some NES games as he had two puzzle games, they were "Yoshi" in 1991 and "Yoshi's Cookie" in 1992 (also on the SNES), Yoshi also appeared in the NES version of "Mario Is Missing!" in 1993. His game-sprite is unknown.

In The Game

Yoshi's tongue appears as a game mechanic in Super Mabobo, Abobo can use Yoshi's tongue to grab enemies and shoot out them. Yoshi also makes a cameo being spit out by Kirby when he vomits in Contrabobo after his boss battle is done.