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Viruses are a trio of enemies that appears in the Mega Mabobo level.


The three red, blue and yellow viruses originally appeared in the NES game, Dr. Mario. The red one has side effects of fever, the blue one has the side effects of chill, and the yellow one has the side effects of weird.

In The Game

Red, blue and yellow viruses are shown to be thrown by Cranky, they are thrown at Abobo. These three are thrown at different times. These enemies can't be defeated, as they don't have a health box, and their is over three variations of the same enemy.

A Blue Virus's small face appears earlier above a pill in Abobo's Inventory in Zeldabobo, and an another blue virus is spilt out by Kirby when Kirby vomits out various NES characters in Contrabobo after Kirby is defeated.