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Hello I'm Mark ATHF Foster, Mega Mark, or Mark Anthony Foster Jr., and I'm a huge fan of Abobo's Big Adventure and I'm currently the local admin on the Abobo's Big Adventure Wiki and I got into Abobo's Big Adventure because I'm into games from the Nintendo Entertainment System era and I love fan-creations/fan made projects involving video game characters, as I'm a very big video game fan. I remember first playing the game on Newgrounds and knowing that it was very hard. I have played the game many times before. I even have the flash game on my PC. So far, I have edited and added many pages related to levels, enemies, and characters on the wiki.

In 2016, I first discovered this game on the Mario Wiki, on the page "List of Mario References on the Internet", in the games section and I also originally watched a Abobo Vs. Wreck It Ralph battle on Animation Rewind (back when I used to watch that channel) from Kushowa's YouTube channel (back when Kushowa was a YouTuber, that was doing reaction videos at the time). In 2019-2020, I got into the game, and started to edit on this wiki because I thought that it was unfinished, thankfully I been adding new pages to it, and a been recently reorganizing a lot of the old grammar for many character pages, most notably every enemy and any new character page from last time added to the wiki that appears in the game.

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