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Urban Chabobo is the third level of Abobo's Big Adventure. The level is a homage for Urban Champion, a fighting game by Nintendo.


The main objective is similar to Urban Champion. Abobo needs to knock the other fighter, Urban Champ, into a manhole by punching or kicking him. Both punching and kicking reels your opponent backwards in a similar fashion. When Abobo knocks Urban Champ off the pavement, he will advance to the next building. Abobo will win the game when Urban Champ is knocked off three times. There is no time limit on each round. When a police patrol shows up, both combatants temporary halt their fighting.

Waiting for the special code when "Finish Him!" is shown and entering the code unlocks the alternative win.


Once again Abobo is stuck in a pipe. He shatters the pipe, jumps out, and finds himself menaced by an angry bystander. Abobo doesn't need to know whether he is startled or he is involved with the kidnapping. Whatever makes him angry will be irrelevant in five minutes. Abobo knows how to placate people with his fists.


Left/Right Moves Abobo left or right
A Kick
S Punch


Medals/Associated achievements

  • No Mercy
  • Friendly Foes
  • Fighting Chance
  • Police Patrol


  • This is the first level of the game.
    • That doesn't have any enemies for Abobo to fight. Not counting Alex's appearance in the level in the restaurant.
    • No mid-bosses.
    • No Rage Moves.
    • A boss that doesn't attack Abobo.
    • Abobo can spare the boss instead of killing him.
    • Abobo can not be defeated in this level, making this the only time, you can't get hurt in one of the game's levels.
  • There are over three buildings in this level; a snack bar, a discount brothel and a restaurant.
  • The two women props in the windows of the Discount Brothel building that are tied up are taken from the game Wizards & Warriors.
  • The "Finish Him", "Fatality", and "Friendship" concepts are from Midway's Mortal Kombat, which is a really famous video game series. Despite not being a game from the "Nintendo Entertainment System."