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Toad is a minor character in Abobo's Big Adventure.


Toad (also known as Mushroom Retainer) made his debut in Super Mario Bros. for the NES. Over seven Toads appeared in every castle, except for the eighth one, after Mario defeats Bowser, he then finds Toad, Toad tells "Thank you Mario, but our princess is in another castle", since Princess Toadstool is trapped in the final castle of the game. His design seen in the "Private Party" Easter egg is his design from Super Mario Bros. 2, and he is colored blue instead.

In The Game

He is located in a underground Dungeon segment in Zeldabobo, his only lines are "sorry Abobo, but our Princess is in another dungeon". Abobo can kill Toad will a bullet bill, and his blood will splatter on the wall.

Toad, in his Super Mario Bros 2 appearance, appears much earlier at the "Private Party" Easter egg (along with Raccoon Mario, Raccoon Luigi, and Princess Toadstool) tortured by a Private Party Girl in the game's first level "Double Drabobo".