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Super Mabobo is the second level in Abobo's Big Adventure. It is an underwater level that came from the original Super Mario Bros.

Gameplay & Layout

The underwater map starts out with Abobo coming out of a pipe, you escape the pipe and onto the platforming. The game follows the similar movement method of the underwater levels of Super Mario Bros. However, the attack is replaced by a Yoshi tongue that Abobo uses to grab enemies, before shooting them to hit others. Most of the enemies on the stage are basically underwater themed enemies.

There are also electric coral from the original NES "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" game are placed on the level that can sting and electrically Abobo, and also if you fall in the ground, you get eaten by a robotic fish from Mega Man 2.

You can find three Dancing Underwater Zombies if you travel back to the entrance, they will say "nobody here but us dancin' zombies!" and you will get a medal called "thriller."

You can also enter a SMB2 door that will take you to Annie in a underwater room. Your options are "eat", "hit", "mate" or "vomit" on her, while all of them are optional. If you mate with her you produce three mermaid offspring called Merbobos, you can use them as power-ups.

The mid-boss Mechafish has a barrier of red Jelectros blocking the way. The end of Bubbleman's battle is covered by a barrier of bubbles and finally Karnov's battle has blocks. You have to defeat all the mid-bosses to enter the next area.

The level's rage move is called "Typhoon Time".


Medals/Associated achievements

  • Bad Call
  • Merbobos
  • Bloody Chum
  • Bigger Boat
  • Abobo Appetizers
  • Call A Plumber
  • Thriller
  • Fish Food
  • Typhoon Time


  • Abobo's Yoshi tongue uses a sound effect from Super Mario World, a "Super Nintendo Entertainment System" game. That Yoshi originates from, despite this. Yoshi and the SMW sound effect don't originate from the NES.
  • With over four mini-bosses and Big Daddy. This level has the most bosses than any other level, with over five of them.