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Stinger (also technically known as TwinBee) is a aircraft enemy that resembles a blue rocket with arms that only appears in the Waterfall section of Contrabobo.


Stinger originates from the 1986 NES game of the same name, known in Japan as Moero Twinbee.

In The Game

A single Stinger appears once near the end of the Waterfall section of Contrabobo, along with Zombies and a Pterodrop. Stinger fires circles at Abobo, and is moving back and fourth onscreen. But Stinger can be defeated, and its dying animation shows the aircraft floating in the air upwards with a halo around him.


  • This is the final new enemy that is encountered by Abobo in a level in Abobo's Big Adventure.
    • The Pterodrop appears next to Stinger as the final enemy encountered in the level and game.
  • A sound effect from Stinger's origin are also played when Abobo does any of his rage moves in-game.