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Trouters, also known as Squiglies, are common enemies that appear in the stage Super Mabobo.


Squiglies' original name is Trouter. They appeared in the NES game, Super Mario Bros. 2 (their original game is Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic in Japan) as enemies.

In The Game

They are spread by Karnov in the Super Mabobo stage along with K-Pellets. They cannot be defeated, but they can be eaten.

A single Squigly can be seen in Contrabobo being vomited out by Kirby.

Squigly makes a appearance in the game's credits, which is based off SMB2, as he is listed as "Squigly Fish."


  • Squigly's appearance in the game is a reference to "Squigly Fish Racer v.10" by I-Mockey (one of the game's creators), a flash game starring the Squigly fish, which can be found on the website; Newgrounds.
  • Squigly could also refer to how the Trouters move.
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