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Spiky is a Metroid enemy that appeared in the Zeldabobo level.


Spiky originally appeared in the original Metroid, as they were originally known as Zoomer, a hard-shelled creature with spikes along their backs. These aliens would climb and walking up in certain set patterns in a repetitive way crawling up the same paths and circles. They appeared in two colors, red and yellow. They don't attack Samus Aran unless she attacks the enemies or touches one to take damage.

In The Game

Spiky first appeared in a dungeon underground segment, along with a Metro and the ladder item. The Spiky's later appear in the dungeon in two other areas, with one of them being a underground segment with a Metro. The beef power-up and other being near lava lakes with Shy Guys and Metros. They will only walk a certain path in game, and no other paths. They commonly seen with Metros.