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Willy Mackey, also known as Shooter Gavin is the boss of Double Drabobo.


Shooter Gavin is actually Willy Mackey, the main antagonist and final boss of the original arcade version of Double Dragon and the penultimate boss of the NES version. His name presumably is based on Shooter McGavin, the antagonist of the film Happy Gilmore.

In the game

Willy appears as the main boss of the stage, Double Drabobo. He has a machine gun and he is agile. So, defeating Gavin is pretty hard.

After Abobo beats him, Billy Lee appears with his forklift and impales Willy.

Abobo can push him off the conveyor belt, but he comes back with a jetpack, he will levitate and won't die. If Abobo pushes him, he will get the achievement "Fooled You".


Killed By

Billy Lee impales Willy accidentally, then the forklift explodes.



  • Willy’s battle is from River City Ransom.
    • This could reference the fact Double Dragon and Kunio-Kun are both owned by Arc System Works.