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Scut Farkus is an enemy from the Double Drabobo level. He hails from Double Dragon.


Scut Farkus is an average human with light brown hairs and black eyes. He wears a light brown t-shirt and blue jeans, with blue shoes.


Scut Farkus is based on Williams, the most commonly occurring-enemy in Double Dragon. They are generally unarmed, but occasionally spawn carrying baseball bats or with throwing knifes.

He is named after Scott "Scut" Farkus from the 1983 American Christmas comedy movie, A Christmas Story.


In the street, Scut Farkus, Kid Niki, Rikki Stix and Chin Salabim, approach Abobo's son, Aboboy, and Scut Farkus starts to attack Aboboy by kicking him, and later, takes him and runs away with the others.

Scut Farkus is a common enemy on the Double Drabobo stage, and the first you will encounter. Only having a simple punch attack, they are one of the most generic enemies. The bat and knife wielding variants from the original game are not in Abobo's Big Adventure. There are two counts of Scut Farkus appeared in the game and they got beaten to death by Abobo.