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Samus Aran is a minor character in Abobo's Big Adventure.


Samus Aran is the main protagonist of Metroid for the NES.

The sprite of Samus Aran playing a cello is taken from the NES version of Tetris.

In The Game

She appears in a cutscene of the Pro Wrestabobo level, where she is standing in front of Pro Wrestling stand. When Abobo enters the stand, Samus morphs into a ball.

In Contrabobo, Samus Aran is vomited out by Kirby, Samus is seen playing a cello, like in the ending of Tetris. She was obviously inhaled by Kirby offscreen.

Samus later appears in a cutscene, where she is removes her suit revealing her true form and waves at a flying Little Mac head.

She is last seen being killed by Abobo as he is wearing her suit in a cutscene.