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Ryu Hayabusa is a enemy that appeared in the Contrabobo level.


Ryu Hayabasa is the main protagonist and playable character from the NES game, Ninja Gaiden, along with two squeals on the same console.

In The Game

H originally appeared in a cutscene for Pro Wrabobo, where Ryu Hayabasa can be seen in-between Simon Belmont and The Noid.

Ryu Hayabusa is later seen in Contrabobo, as a regular enemy running on a length. Abobo can kill him in a few hits. Ryu's only attacks are throwing ninja blades at Abobo.

Ryu Hayabasa makes a another appearance in a cutscene with Link, the Eggplant Wizard, Nana and Black Mage when Abobo and his recused son Aboboy start to murder NES characters after the final battle with Little Mac is done.