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Robobobo is one of the major antagonists in Abobo's Big Adventure. Along with other antagonists such as Shooter Gavin, Big Daddy, Old Man, The Amazon, Kirby, and Little Mac. Robobobo is the boss of Mega Mabobo, a Mega Man inspired level in the game.


Robobobo is a robotic version of Abobo, and a fully original character in Abobo's Big Adventure, however, he obviously takes inspiration from Quick Man, a robot master from Mega Man 2, due to him using his stage theme, and inspiration from RoboCop and Terminator.

In The Game

He starts in an arena, based off Quick Man's stage. He throws Dr. Wily at Abobo, who is dressed as Mega Man, Robobobo will jump on the next part of the arena, shoot four beams, jump to the other side, and throw a gear at Mega Abobo, jumps to the other side, and repeat the same attacks, until his health is down.

He then transforms into a Terminator styled killing machine called Mechabobo, the killer robot forms into a slime, then forms back to his head flying like a rocket, to the wall by shooting out circles, he disappears by the wall. He returns to his head. Usually, he transforms into a slime again, he shoots circles out of his gun, both forward and backwards, he also shoots out spikes and let them land all over the ground throughout the arena, which Abobo will have to avoid.

Soon after a amount hits or full rage, the robot then deactivates, as his body explodes, and he becomes a broken robot with a leftover body. He breaks down, after that, a green slip about Aboboy's whereabouts comes out of his mouth, as his body remains severe.


  • He is considered to be a parody of Mechagodzilla, and the aforementioned Robocop, or Terminator. His mugshot heavily resembles RoboCop.
    • When Robobobo is defeated, you get the medal, "Skynet stopper", which is a direct reference to Terminator.
  • You can defeat him by the head, with his remaining health, and he would deactivate after his head is attached back to his body.