Rage Moves

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Abobo's using Super Slash (Rage Move of Zeldabobo)

Rage Moves are special attacks in Abobo's Big Adventure who are used after fill the Rage Meter. Every level have you own rage move.

How to fill the Rage Meter?

There's one way to fill the meter, defeating enemies. This will fill the meter. Certain items like the balloons in Pro Wrabobo level can fill the Rage Meter as well.

Rage Moves

Double Drabobo - Rocky Rage

Abobo's charge a punch and jumps, and make a rock shower defeating all enemies.

Super Mabobo - Typhoon

Abobo's spin spin and spin forming a typhoon, and defeating all enemies on screen.

Zeldabobo - Super Slash

Abobo's power-ups the sword, do a spin, and make a circle attack destroying everything on screen.

Balloon Fight!/Pro Wrabobo - Death Blossom/A Winner Is You

  • Balloon Fight!: Abobo's spin, spin summoning lasers defeating all enemies, the level's mid-boss: Death, and some obstacles like Spinners and Storm Clouds on the screen.
  • Pro Wrabobo: Abobo's summons four champions of Pro Wrestling which are The Ultimate Warrior, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, The Undertaker, and Hulk Hogan, to use his attacks to defeat Amazon, and at the end, Abobo's does a seismic toss on Amazon and destroy everything in the stadium.
  • Note: The "Death Blossom" rage move can't hurt The Amazon. The latter rage move "A Winner Is You" can't be activated until Abobo has a enough rage during The Amazon fight.

Mega Mabobo - Mega Blaster

Abobo's create a giant massive power of a cannon similar to the "Zero Laser" from Samus Aran's final smash in Super Smash Bros Brawl.

Contrabobo - Bombs Away

Abobo teleports into a warship that drops bombs, defeating everything on-screen.

Punchabobo - Punchy Power

Abobo can use multiple rage moves in this stage: Don Flamenco's dance, where Abobo dances with a rose in his mouth and then punches hard, Great Tiger's spin, where Abobo puts on Great Tiger's turban and then spins a few times, and in another one, he does three spinning punches. Then does Super Macho Man's infamous taunt. King Hippo's crunching punch where Abobo chomps and punches and "One Hit KO". Piston Hondao's rush attack where Abobo Puts on a Karate Headband and Punches Quickly forward multiple times.


  • Urban Chabobo is the only level who doesn't feature a Rage Move.
  • The latter half of Pro Wrabobo is the only level in the player can't use the Rage Move, until the end of the level.
    • This is also the only level to have over two rage moves for Abobo.
  • The rage move of Balloon Fight! part of Pro Wrabobo stage (Death Blossom) is based on "The Last Star Warrior."
  • "Punchy Power" is the only rage move that have multiple attacks.
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