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Punchabobo is the eighth and final level of Abobo's Big Adventure. This level comes from the original NES Punch Out!!/Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! The boss of this level is Little Mac.


The boss stage starts after Abobo is trained by Doc Louis from the Contrabobo level. Abobo is ready to take down, Little Mac. Little Mac is the final boss, and main antagonist of the game, the level behaves the same way like the original game did. Little Mac has two forms, his normal form during the first two rounds, and then his secondary form "Big Mac." He is formed into "Big Mac" when he gets an energy tank, a Dr. Mario pill, a bomb, a rocket and a Super Mushroom. There are over three rounds that can happen, when the time hits "3:00."

After Little Mac is defeat, Abobo uses the "Power Glove", punches, and kills Little Mac, making his head fly through various NES Games until his head hits the flagpole of Super Mario Bros. Then Abobo can recuse his son Aboboy, then a cutscene showing Abobo, and Aboboy celebrating their victory, but eventually the father, and son start murdering dozens of NES characters in the Punch Out!! stage is played, this results in the ending of the game.

The Rage Move in this level is known as "Punchy Power."


Associated achievements

  • Champ
  • I'm The Greatest
  • Mac Attack
  • It's So Bad
  • Punchy Power
  • Thanks Doc
  • Acid Batch


  • At the beginning of the stage, Abobo is shown holding Doc Louis on a bike walking through New York City.
  • Abobo's role is similar to Bald Bull from Punch Out!! and presumably Mike Tyson from Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! Abobo also uses the special moves of Super Macho Man, Don Flamenco, Great Tiger, and King Hippo with his rage moves.
  • Big Mac could possibly be a reference to Punch Out!! for the Wii. Abobo also defeats Little Mac by using the Nintendo Power Glove, a controller accessory for the Nintendo Entertainment System.
  • When Abobo and Aboboy murder innocent NES characters, the music from the NES game "Rush'n Attack" plays in the background. Before that, the ending theme to Super Mario Bros. 2 previously played as the music.