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Pro Wrabobo is the fifth level in Abobo's Big Adventure. Along the section "Balloon Abobo" is both a air level and brutal wrestling level that came from two NES games "Balloon Fight!" and "Pro Wrestling". The first section takes place in the air while the second part takes place in a stadium. The boss of this stage is The Amazon, who Abobo follows by using two balloons from the ending of the Zeldabobo.

The rage move for the first part of this level is called "Death Blossom", and the rage move for the second part is called "A Winner is Me." The latter rage move can only be used only once in the level.


Abobo flies in the skies of Balloon Fight! based off the game's bonus stage with two yellow balloons with unhappy faces. In order to make process in the level. Abobo must fly throughout the level not to get hurt by a flying enemy or hazard, or else. Abobo's balloons can pop, and he falls into the waters, and can even get eaten by a giant fish. However, Abobo can pop the balloons of Balloon Fighter and Popper and hit the heads of enemies like Lakitu, Reaper, and the head of Thrilla Gor. to defeat them. Other enemies like Storm Cloud, Poppers, Toriods, Blob, Buzzy, and Excitebiker can only be destroyed by using the rage move.

While chasing down the Amazon, he can't get hurt by Abobo and invincible if you use the rage move of the first section, even if Abobo hits him. He will have a invincible shield around him, and he shoots three circle beams at Abobo.

In the second part of the level, Abobo fights the Amazon by punching him in a box wrestling ring or you can get off the ring to the ring's outside, you can kill the referee and cameraman, though this is optional. You can pick up four chairs around the boxing ring and hit the Amazon with them.

Note: The "Balloon Fight!" section of the level can be skipped if you press one at the start of the level.


Medals/Associated achievements

  • Reaper Runner
  • Bonkers
  • Reap This
  • A Winner is me
  • Pro Wrestler
  • Risky
  • No Filming
  • Bloodsport
  • Surf's Up
  • Ballooney
  • Balloon Jedi
  • Balloon Master
  • Death Blossom
  • Have A Seat
  • Chair Massacre


  • This is the only level in the game that combines two different levels of two different NES games into sections of a whole level.
  • The red lasers from the "Death Blossom" rage move are taken from one of the Old Man's attacks from Zeldabobo.
    • Bombs from an unknown NES game are featured in that said rage move.
  • The Amazon can speak lines of dialogue to Abobo in this level if the player hits his shield, hits one of his slime balls and uses his rage move. Most notably, the lines of dialogue are;
    • "Ha! let's see your stupid balloons keep up with my jetpack, Abobo!"
    • "No wonder your balloons look sad. They have to carry your worthless body!"
    • "When was the last time you washed your feet? the eighties?"
    • "What the... where the hell did *that* come from!?"
    • "A loser is you!"
      • The opposite of "a winner is you", which appears at the end of the level, after Abobo defeats The Amazon, and finishes the level.
    • "It's 23 minutes past the hour, now here's the Buckinghams with "kind of a drag."
    • "Apparently you mistook my head as a footstool.", "my bad."
    • "Stupid gnats buzzing around my face.", "oh wait, that was you."
    • "Hogwash!, you sir, are a charlatan and a reprobate!"
    • "Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, fart!."
    • "Everybody gets lucky now 'n then. Even complete morons like you."
    • "Ha! Even Kin Corn Karn puts a better fight than you!"
      • He is referencing Kin Corn Karn, a fighter from Pro Wrestling, his origin.
    • "Watch the hair! It takes me hours to get it looking this good!"
    • "First too have no brains. Now no reflexes. Way to go, Slowbobo."
    • "My slime balls are-nosed for you! Enjoy your face full o' boogers."
    • "Apparently, you mistook my head as a footstool. Bad Abobo! Bad!"
    • "When you drown in the ocean, I'll be your first bath ever!"
    • "Back off man, I'm a scientist."
    • "Ha ha! Too easy. I should fight you blindfolded to make it more interesting!"
    • "Hitting your big head is easier than hitting the broad side of barn!"
    • "What inspired your aerial acrobatics? The challenger shuttle?"
    • "Try that again and I'll feed Aboboy to my prized piranhas!"
    • "Give up now and I'll spare you that agony of my patented piranha bite!"
    • "You don't belong on the NES. You move more like pong."
      • Pong from Atari is mentioned.
    • "Ack! that was 1.21 gigawatts of pain!", "Forget this, I'm going Back to the Future."
      • The last line is a reference to the film franchise Back To The Future.
    • "Nice try Abobo, but my jet-pack will never run out of fuel! *sput* *sput* Ahhhhh!!!"
  • The stadium that the Pro Wrestling stage takes place in is a fully pixelated city.
  • Pictures/images of The Amazon beating a wrestler named Fighter Hayabusa, and an another image of the said wrestler holding a champion belt are visible on the walls of the stadium.
    • Also large images of Abobo and The Amazon are seen above.
  • When Abobo carries The Amazon from the stadium to the sky to the moon and falls down to the stadium, the "Stage Theme Human" music from "Werewolf - The Last Warrior" plays in the background.