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Private Party Girls are three minor antagonists in Abobo's Big Adventure. They are only seen in the "Private Party" Easter Egg in "Double Drabobo". Their names are unknown and seemed to torture and abuse potential victims in their "Private Party".


They originate in Abobo's Big Adventure, however, design-wise their character designs are based on "Linda Lash" a recurring antagonist, enemy, and character in the famous beat 'em up game series Double Dragon. They're recolored with red hair and wear gray transparent pantyhose's. They also have Linda's whip but it is recolored red.

In The Game

In the first level "Double Drabobo", if Abobo climbs the ladders nearly the door, he breaks into a room and sees the three girls while beating Raccoon Mario, Raccoon Luigi, Princess Toadstool, Toad, and two unnamed men, and they tied up with chains. One of them, who watches Toad while the other beating him, approaches Abobo and states that this is a private party, and immediately hits him and kicks him out, makes him falling down, and returns to the street. Abobo is unable to disturb the party and hit/kill the girls.