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Powerup, including the Powerbox, are two different objects that both appear in the Contrabobo level.


Powerup and Powerbox originates from the NES game Contra. They were known as Flying Capsules. The Powerboxes were originally known as Phil Box Sensors.

In The Game

The power-up capsule are seen floating in the level, but only appear in the Jungle section. These flying capsules only appear at determined locations of the level and always carry the same power-up within them. Once they are shot, the weapon contained will spring out from the blimp for the player to collect.

The powerboxes are armored hatches embedded on the terrain at determined sections of the map. They open and close periodically, revealing a Red Falcon insignia or an energy core inside, at which point they become vulnerable and the player can shot them to reveal the weapon they contain. Unlike the powerups, these powerboxes appear in both the Jungle and Waterfall sections.


  • Unlike Powerboxes, Powerups don't have a their own mugshot, they use Runner's mugshot instead.