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Octorok is a common octopus enemy that appears in the Zeldabobo level.


Octoroks are from the original The Legend of Zelda, Octoroks are considered to be the Goombas of the Zelda series, due to the enemies being the first enemies you encounter and defeat easily. Octoroks will roam around Hyrule and shoot rock projectiles at Link. Octoroks in the original game were red or blue.

In The Game

Red Octoroks are found in the Zeldabobo dungeon, they roam around the dungeon, they can also start shooting rock projectiles at Abobo, they can be killed in one hit, as they are a very easy enemy to defeat. You can unlock a Medal called "Blocktorock" if Abobo blocked one of the Octorok's rock projectiles with his shield.