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Mega Mabobo is the sixth level in Abobo's Big Adventure. It takes after the Pro Wrabobo level, after The Amazon is killed by a three poking needles. Abobo will jump in a giant hole of the "Pro Wrestling" stage and wears Mega Man's armor from his origin. This level is based off Quick Man's stage from Mega Man 2.


Mega Abobo can shoot any enemy using his cannon and can run but can get hit by any enemy, though he can't attack any hazards and instead will die instantly. The level appears as a vertical underground base.

Throughout the level, including in one very hard segment where you are going to quickly run off. Abobo will have avoid the infamous deadly lasers which are the Star-Wars light-sabers and laser AK-47's. After this level is done, two mega Abobo 1UPs are also found. One section of the level shows the enemy Punkin, which their are two of them in fact, flashing one of the level's section and killing it results the section's lights turning to darkness.

The rage move for this level is called "Mega Blast".


The player encounters the boss, who is called Robobobo and is based off RoboCop and Robot Masters. He has a mecha form called "Mechabobo". The boss transforms into a deadly robot after this. Abobo reads a green slip from the robot mecha about Aboboy's whereabouts and then the Contra themed level will start.

Medals/Associated achievements

  • Mega Mashed
  • Skynet Stopper
  • Lazertagged
  • Jason Lives
  • Extra Abobo
  • Mega Master
  • Mega Blast


  • Some of the enemies in this level are portrayed as some enemies from the classic Mega Man video game series, mainly Mega Man 2.
    • Spiranha's role is similar to a robotic spring enemy Springer (also known as Spring Head) and possibly the enemy Scworm since it is the first enemy you encountered on the stage.
    • Bub's role is similar to the Returning Sniper Joe, an enemy with the sniper armor.
    • Punkin and Fireball's roles are similar to the Changkey and the Changkey Maker enemies.
    • Lightsaber Lasers and Laser Guns are portrayed as the deadly lasers from the original game.
    • Penpen Maker from Mega Man 3 appears but throws Viruses from Dr. Mario instead of Penpen's and is renamed Cranky instead.
    • Docron from Mega Man 4 appears in the level but is renamed Skully instead.
  • The three needles seen at the beginning of Mega Mabobo, which The Amazon is killed by, are taken from Mega Man 3, appearing in Needle Man's Stage, and they were called Needle Presses.
  • This is the second and final level to feature no mid-boss, not counting Robobobo, who serves as the level's boss in the first phrase of Mechabobo, with the first one being Urban Chabobo.
  • It's possible that Robobobo is based off Quick Man from Mega Man, a robot master from the series who's stage appears in Abobo's Big Adventure, as a form of this level, and he uses a similar arena to Quick Man.
    • He may also be a parody of Robocop, and his mecha form could be a parody of the Terminator or Mechagodzilla.
  • Ironically, Dr. Wily, who is the main antagonist of the classic Mega Man series, makes a cameo in this level during the beginning of Robobobo's boss battle.
  • This level has the shortest amount of enemies in a level in the game.