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Mega Mabobo is the sixth level in Abobo's Big Adventure. This level is based off Quick Man's stage from Mega Man 2. Mega Mabobo appears to be a vertical underground base that plays as an action level. Mega Mabobo takes after the level Pro Wrabobo. The boss of this level is Robobobo.

Mega Mabobo starts when Abobo falls into the giant hole from the "Pro Wrestling" stage after The Amazon was killed by three poking needles. After entering, he has the armor of Mega Man. Similar to the latter, He can shoot and defeat enemies from his arm cannon. Although he can't attack any hazards as he'll die instantly from Lightsaber Lasers and Laser Guns respectively which Abobo has to avoid. Two 1UPs that Mega Abobo can find are found in this said level. When the player encounters the boss, Robobobo. The latter has a mecha form known as "Mechabobo." The boss transforms into a deadly robot after this which Abobo has to defeat. After Mechabobo is defeated, he releases a green slip from his mouth. Abobo grabs the slip to read about the whereabouts of Aboboy. The next level Contrabobo will then start.

The Rage Move for this level is known as "Mega Blast."



Associated achievements

  • Mega Mashed
  • Skynet Stopper
  • Lazertagged
  • Jason Lives
  • Extra Abobo
  • Mega Master
  • Mega Blast


  • The three poking needles seen at the beginning of Mega Mabobo, which The Amazon is killed by, are taken from Needle Man's Stage from Mega Man 3. They're known as Needle Presses.
  • Some of the enemies in this level are portrayed as a few enemies from the classic Mega Man video game series, mainly Mega Man 2.
    • Spiranha's role is similar to a robotic spring enemy known as Springer (also known as Spring Head) and presumably the enemy Scworm since the latter was the first enemy Mega Man encountered on the stage.
    • Bub's role is similar to the Returning Sniper Joe, an enemy with the said sniper armor.
    • Punkin and Fireball's roles are similar to the Changkey and the Changkey Maker enemies respectively.
    • Lightsaber Lasers and Laser Guns are portrayed as the deadly lasers from the original game.
    • Penpen Maker from Mega Man 3 appears but throws Viruses from Dr. Mario instead of Penpen's. This enemy was also renamed Cranky.