Abobo's Big Adventure Wiki

Here is a list of every medal that can be unlocked in Abobo's Big Adventure.


Pic Points Title Description Notes
M patient.png 10 Patience 00A - Watch full intro rising up to main menu
M choose.png 05 Choices 00B - Use level select
M spiffy.png 10 Spiffy Suporter 00C - Click our donate button & consider showing your support
M poor.png 10 Poor Aboboy 00D - Watch the whole intro where Aboboy is kidnapped
M never.png 05 Never Give Up 00E - Use a continue
M bloody.png 10 Bloody Bobo 00F - Watch Abobo get sawed to death on continue screen
M secret.png 10 Duck Hunted 00G - Shoot a duck on intro screen Click the duck before it flies away
M secret.png 10 Headbanger 00H - Bang your head! Tapping up and down during level select
M secret.png 25 Bobo Battle 00I - Unlock 2-player Battle Mode Available when the player has beaten the game once
M secret.png 50 Best Ending Evar 00J - Watch entire game ending sequence and credits
M secret.png 10 Luckdragon 00K - Unlock Bonus Falkor Round Available when the player has beaten the game once

Double Drabobo

Pic Points Title Description Notes
M beardy.png 10 Beardy Basher 01 - Defeat Beardy Barrel
M fork.png 25 Forklift Foul 01 - Defeat boss
M child.png 5 Child Chomper 01 - Eat kid
M run.png 5 Run Abobo, Run! 01 - Execute a dash move (shoulder block or jump kick)
M secret.png 50 Private Party 01 - Find secret area at end of level Climb elevator railing just before the boss' area
M ironic.png 10 Ironic 01 - Hit Beardy Barrel with a barrel
M fooled.png 25 Fooled You 01 - Knock boss off conveyor belt
M kong.png 25 Kong Punt 01 - Punt Donkey Kong Jr.
M waste.png 10 Waste Not 01 - Throw kid body
M rocky.png 10 Rocky Rage 01 - Use Rage move on level 1

Super Mabobo

Pic Points Title Description Notes
M bad.png 5 Bad Call 02 - Choose any incorrect option with Annie the Mermaid
M merbo.png 5 Merbobos 02 - Choose wisely with Annie the Mermaid Mate with Annie
M chum.png 25 Bloody Chum 02 - Defeat Big Daddy Boss
M bigger.png 10 Bigger Boat 02 - Defeat Jaws
M appetz.png 25 Abobo Appetizers 02 - Eat at least 50 enemies
M call.png 5 Call A Plumber 02 - Escape the Mario pipe
M secret.png 50 Thriller 02 - Find the hidden dancing zombies Find them at the beginning of level.
M food.png 5 Fish Food 02 - Get eaten by robo-fish
M typhon.png 10 Typhoon Time 02 - Use Rage move on level 2

Urban Chabobo

Pic Points Title Description Notes
M mercy.png 5 No Mercy 03 - Execute the Fatality move
M secret.png 10 Friendly Foes 03 - Execute the Friendship move When "Finish Him" appears, do not hit Urban Champ and wait until a new code appears.
M fight.png 5 Fighting Chance 03 - Let Urban Champ guy punch you
M police.png 10 Police Patrol 03 - Wait long enough for a cop car to drive by


Pic Points Title Description Notes
M meat.png 50 Meatspin 04 - Beat Boss (with beef)
M elder.png 50 Elderly Execution 04 - Beat Boss (without beef)
M block.png 10 Blocktorock 04 - Block an Octorock's projectile rock with your shield
M anger.png 25 Anger Issues 04 - Clear 20 rooms of all enemies
M secret.png 25 Another Castle 04 - Find secret room where you kill Toad The room is hidden behind a cracked wall
M beef.png 25 Mmm Beefy 04 - Get the beef Kill Manhandla and a hidden path will be revealed
M where.png 5 Where to? 04 - Get the compass
M walk.png 10 Walk on Water 04 - Get the ladder
M map.png 5 Familiar Shape 04 - Get the map
M slow.png 10 Slowpoke 04 - Get turned into a snail
M dragon.png 25 Die Dragon Die 04 - Kill Aquamentus
M manhdl.png 25 Manhandled 04 - Kill Manhandla
M flurry.png 10 Flurry Frag 04 - Kill all Flurries in the lion key room
M secret.png 25 Kill the Messenger 04 - Kill the guy who tells you the old man hates beef
M pushy.png 10 Pushy 04 - Push a-not-so-secret block If it's glowing, it's moveable
M proj.png 10 Projectile Power 04 - Regain your throwing sword or throwing beef after losing it
M secret.png 10 Sneaky 04 - Sneak past Aquamentus without killing him
M idiot.png 5 Idiot 04 - Stab a Bob-omb
M fatty.png 25 No Fatty Pop 04 - Survive after being inflated by Dig Dug
M slash.png 10 Super Slash 04 - Use Rage move in level 4

Pro Wrabobo

Pic Points Title Description Notes
M runner.png 10 Reaper Runner 05 - Avoid mini-reapers without getting hit by them
M bonker.png 10 Bonkers 05 - Bonk Amazon on the head before he spits slime blobs at you
M reap.png 10 Reap This 05 - Bonk Reaper on head before he summons mini-reapers
M winner.png 25 A Winner is me 05 - Defeat the Amazon with your Rage move
M pro.png 10 Pro Wrestler 05 - Do each of your slam moves at least once in the match
M risky.png 10 Risky 05 - Jump off the top rope
M secret.png 5 No Filming 05 - Kill the cameraman
M secret.png 5 Bloodsport 05 - Kill the referee
M secret.png 5 Surf's Up 05 - Knockoff head of surfing Thrilla Gorilla
M ballon.png 5 Balooney 05 - Pick up an extra baloon
M locked.png 100 Baloon Jedi 05 - Survive the Baloon Fight level without being hit
M locked.png 50 Baloon Master 05 - Survive the Baloon Fight level without dying once
M death.png 10 Death Blossom 05 - Use Rage move on Level 5 Balloon Fight Level
M seat.png 10 Have A Seat 05 - Use a chair on the Amazon
M chair.png 10 Chair Massacre 05 - Use all four chairs on the Amazon

Mega Mabobo

Pic Points Title Description Notes
M mashed.png 25 Mega Mashed 06 - Defeat Megabobo
M skynet.png 25 Skynet Stopper 06 - Defeat Robobobo
M tagged.png 5 Lazertagged 06 - Get hit by a laser
M secret.png 5 Jason Lives 06 - Let Blaster Master (Jason) live after destroying his ship His ship's name is Sophia
M extra.png 50 Extra Abobo 06 - Pick up an extra life
50 Mega Master 06 - Survive Megabobo level without dying once
M blast.png 10 Mega Blast 06 - Use Rage move on level 6


Pic Points Title Description Notes
M icy.png 10 Icy Escape 07 Break out of ice after being frozen Getting hit by Kirby's ice missile and then quickly tap left/right
M turtle.png 25 Turtle Power 07 - Defeat Krang
M krang.png 25 Krang Bang 07 - Destroy Krangby
M fiery.png 5 Fiery Fury 07 - Get Flame Gun
M lunacy.png 5 Lemming Lunacy 07 - Get Lemmings Gun
M auto.png 5 Auto-assault 07 - Get Machine Gun
M spread.png 5 Spread the Love 07 - Get Spread Gun
M robo.png 10 Robopopped 07 - Kill Robocop
M barf.png 50 Barf-o-rama 07 - Kill Giant Kirby
M soap.png 5 Soap on A Dope 05 - Kill showering guy
100 Contrabobo God 07 - Survive both Contrabobo levels without dying once
M super.png 50 Super Soldier 07 - Survive first Contrabobo level without dying once
50 War Hero 07 - Survive second Contrabobo level without dying once
M secret.png 25 Fire Bad 07 - Take the time to kill the bridge fires (takes a LOT of shots)
M secret.png 25 Double Trouble 07 - Unlock 2-player contra mode Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right
M bombs.png 10 Bombs Away 07 - Use Rage move on level 7
M code.png 10 The Code 07 - Use the Contra Code properly Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A


Pic Points Title Description Notes
M champ.png 50 Champ 08 - Defeat Little Mac in round 1
M great.png 100 I'm The Greatest 08 - Defeat Little Mac without being knocked down at all
M mac.png 25 Mac Attack 08 - Knock down Little Mac twice in round 1
M sobad.png 50 It's so bad 08 - Put on the Power Glove and defeat Little Mac
M punchy.png 10 Punchy Power 08 - Use Rage move on level 8
M secret.png 10 Thanks Doc 08 - Use secret energy boost between rounds Wait until Mac and Doc finish their dialogues before starting next round.
M acid.png 10 Acid Batch 08 - Watch Little Mac win in 3rd round by decision


  • If a medal isn't completed, the lock will say "It's a secret to everybody", which is a reference to a famous line of dialogue from the original NES "Legend of Zelda".
  • The medal "Bigger Boat" is a reference to a very famous line from "Jaws", which is "We gonna get a bigger boat", you're also ironically fighting Jaws and Big Daddy in the same level.
  • The medal "Skynet stopper" is a reference to Skynet from the Terminator series.
  • The word "balloon" is missing a "l" in the Pro Wrabobo medals.