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Mechafish is the first mid-boss of the stage Super Mabobo.


Mechafish is a mini-boss that appears in the Bubble Man's stage of the NES game, Mega Man 2. Its original name is Anko (also known as Lantern Fish). They release Shrinks from its mouth. It can't move. It can only be damaged by attacking its antenna. There are two Mechafishes (Ankos) appear in the Bubbleman's stage.

In The Game

Mechafish appears in the beginning of the stage Super Mabobo as a mid-boss covered by a barrier of six red flashing Jelectros. It release Roboshrimps from its mouth, they can only be damaged by attacking its antenna. They can be defeating about three-four damages.


Destroyed By

Abobo destroys it with damaging it three-four times.