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Manhandla is a plant mid-boss that appears in the Zeldabobo level.


Mandhandla is the boss of the Level-3 dungeon in the original The Legend of Zelda, It defends a fragment of the Triforce of Wisdom. It also appears in Level-4 and Level-8 of the First Quest as well as Level-2, Level-5, Level-6, and Level-7 of the Second Quest. Manhandla is a large, spinning, man-eating flower with the ability to spit fireballs, Link must destroy all four of its hands to defeat it. Each hand has a health of 4, totaling the beast at 16 health.

Manhandla is immune to the Boomerang and Fire. Link can damage it with his Sword, Arrows, the Magical Rod, or Bombs. Bombs are effective, as one Bomb is strong enough to destroy a hand, allowing Link to destroy all four hands with one Bomb if it detonates in its center. As each hand is destroyed, the Manhandla increases its speed and spits fireballs at a faster rate. The Magical Shield cannot defend Link from Manhandla's fireballs. When Manhandla is accompanied by Stone Statues, the Statues also increase their rate of fire as each hand is destroyed. When defeated, Manhandla will drop a Heart container and may drop either a Heart, a Fairy, or one Rupee.

In The Game

Manhandla is encountered in one room of the Zeldabobo dungeon, as the beast shoots beam circles at you. Abobo fighting the flower beast is optional. If you kill the beast, it would lose all four of its mouths, it will be defeated, and killing it opens an underground segment. Killing Mandhadla gives you the "Manhandled" medal.