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Abobo's Big Adventure (PC)(Flash) "Luck Dragon Lunacy" Mini Game (2018.11.18)

A video displaying footage of Luck Dragon Lunacy.

Luck Dragon Lunacy is a minigame in Abobo's Big Adventure. In the minigame, Abobo rides on Falkor (the Luck Dragon from Neverending Story) in a colorful mountain environment with imagery displayed onscreen such as smiling clouds, stars, a rainbow, a square shaped Domo-Kun, and a pink unicorn. The minigame's timer is over 60 seconds. The minigame's controls are the arrow keys.

In the minigame your goal is to your the faithful speed through the eternal clouds in the game as enemies from various NES games start to appear onscreen and hitting into them makes you get points to fill your bar. If you get a enough points you can get a high score to unlock something special, which is the "Ultimate Radtacular Aboboster", which is a poster depicting numerous NES characters from the game. This minigame is a unlockable.


Here is a photo gallery of all the enemies you can encounter in this minigame, which are all listed in alphabetical order. Links for every enemy has their own page link.


Team Abobo

  • Nick (Pestoforce)
  • Roger (Roger Barr)
  • Pox (Pox Box)

We would like to thank all our fans, friends, and families for showing their support and patience over the years during the production of this labor of love. It meant the world and kept us going. Goonies never say die.


  • Excitebiker is the only enemy in the game from game's story mode to appear in this mode. His sprite is also different in the mode.
  • You also get a Medal from entering the minigame. The medal would be called "Luckdragon" which refers to the dragon species Falkor is and who Abobo rides on in the minigame.