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This is a page for all unused content in Abobo's Big Adventure. Some content related to Abobo's Big Adventure was cut from the final product such as unused text, unused mugshots for pre-existing in-game enemies, unused enemies and images.

Some unused content from the game is available on the website "The Cutting Room Floor", https://tcrf.net/Abobo%27s_Big_Adventure. A file for all of the sprites with some unused sprites in Abobo's Big Adventure is available on a downloadable file on the website "The Spriter's Resource", https://www.spriters-resource.com/browser_games/abobosbigadventure/sheet/44257.

Unused Text

Some unused text is present in the game. Its possible that this text was leftover from earlier prototypes of the game.

  • "Megabobo level beta test completed! Please take a moment to submit your feedback about the level along with any bug reports using the form below. Thanks again for playing!" - Leftover text from one of the game's prototypes.
  • "DESCRIPTION ASDAS" - Unused text for testing a description.
  • "Medal Description" "fdsafds ff fdsakgj jfdakfdajskfdaff ff" - This text was most likely used for testing the Medals (achievements).
  • "Some BG" - Placeholder text for a background used in the game.
  • "THE REST IS COMING SOON!" - Leftover from the game's demo.

Unused Mugshots

Some enemies that appear in the game such as Skeleton Piranha (with two mugshots), Bub's bubble, the three Viruses, and the Spiny Egg that Lakitu throws, all have unused mugshots in the game's files. These mugshots were most likely used for damage for these enemies, but scrapped. It's possible that these mugshots were scrapped obvious reasons. Unused mugshots for the Referee and Cameraman from "Pro Wrabobo" also exist.

In Abobo's Big Adventure, both variations of Skeleton Piranhas are fought against the boss battle between Big Daddy, Bub is an individual enemy, and a pre-existing mugshot for Bubbleman's Bubble exists instead of Bub's. The three Viruses are shown to come out of Cranky's. They also can't be damaged. The Spiny Egg is only thrown out by Lakitu. The Referee and Cameraman are only seen during The Amazon's battle. The health and mugshots for fighting Big Daddy, Lakitu, Cranky and The Amazon are shown onscreen instead.


Unused Enemies

Some unused enemies are seen in the Abobo's Big Adventure game files as unused mugshots for these enemies are seen below, suggesting that all of these enemies may have been planned to appear in the game as enemies. Over nine unused enemy mugshots appear in the game's files for Abobo's Big Adventure, though none of the enemies sprites are present in the said game's files.

  • Frog - A mutant frog-like enemy taken from the first NES game of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This frog enemy was most likely was going to appear in Super Mabobo.
  • Boss Bass - A large fish enemy from Super Mario Bros. 3. Boss Bass was obviously going to appear in Super Mabobo or Pro Wrabobo.
  • Pooka - A tomato-like enemy from the arcade game, Dig Dug. Pooka was most likely going to appear in Zeldabobo, presumably due to Dig Dug appearing in the level.
  • Fygar - A fire-breathing dragon enemy from the arcade game, Dig Dug. Fygar most likely going to appear in Zeldabobo or Mega Mabobo. Although Fygar's model was used for an enemy known as Dino Roller. This enemy coincidentally appears in the aforementioned Mega Mabobo level. Dino Roller also uses a similar mugshot to Fygar's. Fygar was most likely replaced by Dino Roller or not.
  • Ninji - A ninja-like enemy from Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic and Super Mario Bros. 2. Ninji was most likely going to appear in Zeldabobo.
  • Snapjaw - Red and blue variations of a alligator/living bear trap enemy from Donkey Kong Jr. Both Snapjaws were most likely going to appear in Zeldabobo or Pro Wrabobo.
  • Wallmaster - A monstrous hand enemy from The Legend of Zelda. Wallmasters were most likely going to appear in Zeldabobo, due to the level being based off The Legend of Zelda.
  • Slime - An unknown slime enemy from an unknown NES game or presumably Zol from The Legend of Zelda. This enemy was most likely going to appear in Zeldabobo, similar to Wallmaster, obviously due to the dungeon being based off The Legend of Zelda. The same dungeon also featured Choco Kisses.
  • Spark - An enemy from Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic and Super Mario Bros. 2. Spark most likely going to appear in Zeldabobo.


Unused Images

  • The Contra boss, Java can be seen on the game's level select in an unused image in the game's files. This image suggests that Java was originally going to be a boss in the game. He was replaced by Kirby in Contrabobo. Although Java does still make a cameo in the Continue Screen.
  • An unused image from "Pro Wrabobo" appears in the game's files. The image has a Excitebiker, a Buzzy, the Balloon Fight! Fish, a Spinner, a Reaper and a small group of Reapettes. Although the final product has Reaper and Reapettes appear near the end of the level. Reapettes don't spawn until Abobo flies near a Reaper which freaks out and spawns them. This section was obviously changed, including the enemy placement.
  • An unused image from "Contrabobo" appears in the game's files. The image has a Zombie below a section in the level. A Red Arremer appears in the image, which suggests that this enemy was originally going to appear in this level. Although unlike the other unused enemies, Red Arremer has no mugshot of his own in the game's files, although he does make an appearance in a cutscene in "Punchabobo."



Vic Viper

One of Vic Viper's forms was most likely going in an appearance in the game's intro.

Guts Tank

In the game's files, Guts Tank from Mega Man 2, a boss based off the Robot Master, Guts Man, can be found. This boss was most likely going to appear in some point in Abobo's Big Adventure. Guts Tank would have most likely been vomited out of Kirby in Contrabobo or not.