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Krang, also known as Krangby when controlled by Kirby, is a mid-boss that appeared in the Contrabobo level.


Krang is an evil brain-like alien controlling a human-like robot that originates from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, as its sprite originates from the third NES game, The Manhattan Project.

In The Game

Krang appears in the last segment for the Jungle section of Contrabobo, as Abobo fights the robot. Krang's robot can punch out his rocket arm and rocket back to it, while he moves around. Krang is eventually defeated, until Kirby floats to the machine and inhales Krang and Kirby takes control of the machine, forming a giant robot hybrid between Kirby and Krang's robot called Krangby.

During his attacks, the robot uses his rocket arm to rocket it back. Abobo can attack the head, Kirby and the robotic arm while taking a lot of hits, Kirby can spit out an alien creature called a Bundle and inhale it back inside its mouth on repeat. If the robot's arm is defeated, the said arm will break off, and its head will also break off. If half of Kirby's health is lowered, he will be hurt, and unable to move. When Krangby is defeated and falls down to the ground, Kirby will escape by floating in the air to the Waterfall section while Abobo chases Kirby.