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Kirby is a powerful pink puffball and is one the eight major antagonists of Abobo's Big Adventure. Along with all of the other game's antagonists Shooter Gavin, Big Daddy, Urban Champ, Old Man, The Amazon, Robobobo and their leader Little Mac.


Kirby is the main protagonist and playable character of the Kirby franchise. Kirby's design is taken from Kirby's Adventure.

In The Game

Kirby is first seen flying in Contrabobo and inhales the Krang and Kirby takes control of his machine, forming a giant robot hybrid between Kirby and Krang called Krangby, during the attacks, Krang uses his rocket arm to rocket it back, Abobo can attack the head, Kirby and the robotic arm, while taking a lot of hits, Kirby can spit out a alien creature called a Bundle and inhale it back inside its mouth on repeat, it Krang's arm is defeated, the arm will break off, the head will also break off, if Kirby get hit, he will be hurted, soon Krangby is defeated, and falls down to the ground. Soon Kirby escapes by floating in the air to the Waterfall section while Abobo chases Kirby.

At the end of Waterfall, a giant Kirby inhales Gromaides and takes control of the boss battle, Kirby will try to inhale Abobo throughout the battle, here are his three main attacks.

Stone Ability

Kirby becomes a random statue (of either the Venus de Milo (left), The Thinker (middle), or Tanooki Mario (right) and drops in high hopes of killing Abobo. Whether he misses or not, he'll turn back, fly back to the background, and drop the ability for a new one.

Fire Ability

Kirby spits numerous fireballs that later drop to the battlefield. He only does one wave before dropping the ability.

Ice Ability

Kirby spits out a normal sized missile that can't be destroyed to home in on Abobo. If it hits him, Abobo will immediately be frozen and can only be freed by death or pressing left and right very quickly. If not, it will turn into a ball of ice spikes that will melt later on.

After the all 3 abilities had been used, Kirby spits out 3 power-ups for Abobo to use and starts again.

After the fight, Kirby will vomit out various NES characters, but surprisingly, no sign of Krang or Gromaides, After he's been completely emptied out, he drops to the ground while something inside of him starts to kick until Kirby eventually explodes, revealing Doc Louis from Punch Out!!. This indicates that Kirby inhaled all of those NES characters, and inhaled Doc Louis offscreen obviously by the commands of Little Mac.



  • Oil Barrel (from Donkey Kong)
  • Money Bag (from the NES port of Mario Is Missing)
  • Pill (from Dr. Mario)
  • A Rupee (from The Legend of Zelda)
  • A Gem (from Alfred Chicken)
  • A Bone (from Wacky Races)
  • A Palm Tree (from Wacky Races)
  • Falling Rock
  • Tetris Block
  • Dynamite (from an unknown NES game)
  • Pogo (from G.L. Joe: A Real American Hero)
  • Clock (from Back To The Future)
  • Dive Bomb (from Alfred Chicken)
  • Green Cheese (from DuckTales)





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  • Kirby's mugshot is taken from Kirby Super Star, a Kirby game from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, not from the NES.
    • Also, Kirby's three copy abilities; Fire, Ice and Stone have hats which are based off their appearances in that game.
    • Ironically, Kirby's design is from Kirby's Adventure but yet the copy abilities were very different in that game, as they didn't have the hats.
  • Kirby and Urban Champion are the only villains not to appear in the game's Continue Screen.
  • Kirby's feet are actually red shoes.
  • Kirby is one of the largest bosses in the game.