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Karnov is an enemy and a mid-boss who appears in the stage Super Mabobo.


Jinborov Karnovski (Karnov) is the playable character and the protagonist of the NES game, Karnov. The game puts the bulging-muscled, fire-breathing, east-Russian, ex-circus strongman hero on a quest through nine different levels to search for the ultimate treasure. However, between him and the treasure are several horrendous monsters, including sword-wielding monks, dinosaurs, djinn, hopping fish men, gargoyles, tree monsters, will-o-wisps, rock creatures, centipede women, and ostrich-riding skeleton warriors.

In the game

Karnov with wings makes a early appearance in the game's intro sequence flying below the Statue of Liberty.

Karnov appears in the stage Super Mabobo as a mid-boss. He spits K-Pellets and Squiglies. He is swimming upwards and downwards continuously.