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Karate Fighter is a minor character in Abobo's Big Adventure.


Karate Fighter 1 is an unnamed fighter wearing a white karate outfit that originates from "Karate Champ". His rival is another fighter wearing red.

In The Game

The Karate Fighter 1 (along with Karate Fighter 2 and Karate Champ Man) makes two separate cameos in the game.

He is first seen being spilt out by Kirby after his defeat in Contrabobo as Kirby vomits him out, along with the second fighter and the man.

The Karate Fighter's second appearance is after the final battle, the head of Little Mac flies in the air traveling though "Karate Champ", where two fighters are seen facing each other but as the fighter jumps to tackle the other fighter, the head knocks him down causing a victory for the other fighter.