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Emperor Demon Dragon God Java or simply known as Java is a minor antagonist in Abobo's Big Adventure. Who only appears in the continue screen if Abobo ever loses a life.


Java is the final boss, and main antagonist of the first Contra game for the NES, who leads the Red Falcon army.

In The Game

Java's only appearance in the game is when ever Abobo loses a life, the continue screen will play Java is seen with the other game's antagonists Little Mac, Shooter Gavin, Old Man, Big Daddy, Robobobo, and The Amazon watching Abobo's fate, as he is tied up while about to be killed by a razor blade unless the player can press the a button.


  • This picture below shows a unused image of the game's level select which has a picture of Java depicted as the boss for Contrabobo instead of Kirby. Its possible that Java was originally going to be the boss of the level, before he was scrapped during the game's development.