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Jason is a minor character and small enemy that appears in Abobo's Big Adventure.


Jason is the main protagonist and playable character in Blaster Master, who came to Earth with his tank Sophia, to save his pet frog.

In The Game

If the player doesn't get the beef powerup, Jason would make a cameo earlier in Zeldabobo in Abobo's Inventory along with a Ransomling's head, a pickle from Ice Climber, a Puffer, and Pac-Man. Jason would have taken the beef's place in his inventory.

Jason later appears as a enemy in Mega Mabobo, he controls Sophia, but when his tank is defeated, a small Jason falls out of the ship, and runs away. You can get a medal called "Jason Lives", if Jason survives the level. Jason is one of the few enemies that never hurts Abobo in game, however, you can still defeat him.