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The intro is the intro and opening sequence of Abobo's Big Adventure. This intro is a parody of the intro in Mega Man 2. The screen displays the Statue of Liberty, a famous monument in New York City, while the screen pans up to the face of the monument, with various characters of the NES flying in the air around the monument before heading to the title screen of the game.

The intro starts with six possible NES characters appearing in the door, while words displayed above mention about a certain NES character that never got a change to share his story, when the screen pans up, that possible NES character would say "aww" with a sad face, these six possible NES characters that would appear in the door on any individual time of the intro playing are Eggplant Wizard, Mr. Egg, Birdo, Fireball, Duck Hunt Dog and Cut Man.

The intro can be skipped by pressing the "a" button, and the intro often starts before playing the game. Abobo can be seen holding himself on a part of the monument's crown, but when selected he falls from the statue to the game.


"In the Year 1985, the Nintendo Entertainment System brought joy to people all around the world but one NES character never got a chance to tell his story until now..."

Characters Featured


  • The year 1985 was the year that the NES released in North America.
    • The "all around the world" part is referring to the NES in Europe, and the Japanese NES console, the Nintendo Family Computer (also known as the Nintendo Famicom), which only released in Japan, and some games were exclusive to that console, most notably Final Fantasy 3, Mother 1, Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti, 4-Nin Uchi Mahjong and Yie Ar Kung-Fu.
    • Though Mother 1 was later released in the USA as "Earthbound Beginnings."
    • Also Dragon Quest was originally known as "Dragon Warrior" in Japan.
  • The same music from the Intro to Mega Man 2 even plays.
    • The dialogue and title screen also parody the intro's dialogue in that game.
  • Duck Hunt Dog is the only possible NES character that doesn't say "aww", instead he gets angry, says "hey" and flips the bird on both paws.