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Flurry is a snowman enemy that appears in the Zeldabobo level.


Flurries are snowman enemies that appeared in the world of Subcon in the NES Game, Super Mario Bros. 2 (originally Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic). They only appeared in World 4, which is a snow themed world. Flurries run around and chase the player.

In The Game

Flurries is the final new enemy you encounter in the Zeldabobo dungeon, as only appear in one room, which is the final room of the dungeon, which also has the boss key. Flurries have the same behavior as original counterparts, they run very fast around the room. Flurries also spawn and can appear during Old Man's boss battle by the Old Man spawning enemies with a book. Flurries are considered to be a very hardest enemy to be defeat in the dungeon, killing all the Flurries in that single room will give you the "Flurry Frag" medal.