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Fireball is a fireball enemy that appeared in the Mega Mabobo level.


Fireballs originally made a debut in the arcade game Donkey Kong (also ported to the NES) coming from a flaming barrel after Donkey Kong throws a barrel in it.

In The Game

Fireball are portrayed to act like Changkey's from Mega Man 2, they wander around in a path, and can be defeated in one hit by Abobo. They come from Punkin's, who are portrayed as Changkey Meters from the same game Mega Man 2. Their names will be different upon being killed, as their names would alternatively say "Flaming", "Sparkhard", "Shiner", or "Hothead."

A Fireball also appears as one of the possible NES characters to appear in the doorway of the title sequence, others being Eggplant Wizard, Mr. Egg, Duck Hunt Dog, Birdo, and Cut Man.