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Falkor is a minor character in Abobo's Big Adventure. He only appears in a minigame called "Luck Dragon Lunacy".


Falkor is a white Luck Dragon that originates from the film "Neverending Story".

In The Game

In "Luck Dragon Lunacy" under the time "60" Abobo rides on Falkor in the minigame through a mountain environment full of happy clouds, stars, a pink unicorn, Domo-Kun's square head, a rainbow in the background of the game in order to pass through enemies such as Excitebiker and other various creatures as your collecting items to fill a bar to get a high enough score to unlock something special, as you can control the dragon by using the arrow keys. You have over 60 seconds to fill this bar, and if you do so, you can unlock "The Ultimate Radtacular Aboboster." His full body is also visible in the mini-game.