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Eggplant Wizard is a non-hostile enemy that appears in Abobo's Big Adventure.


Eggplant Wizard originates from the NES game, called "Kid Icarus". This enemy will infamously turn the game's main protagonist "Pit" into a Eggplant. Hence the name of the enemy.

In The Game

Like the Slime, this is one of the few enemies in the game that won't attack Abobo at all, instead the Eggplant Wizard's only appearances in the game are limited to two cameos.

He appears as one of the possible NES characters to appear in the doorway of the title sequence with others being a Fireball, Mr. Egg, Duck Hunt Dog, Birdo and Cut Man.

He also appears in a cutscene with Link, Nana, Black Mage, Ryu Hayabasa and a another person when Abobo and Aboboy start to attack and kill many NES characters after the final boss is over.