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Ebira is a minor character and enemy that appears in Abobo's Big Adventure.


Ebira is a red crab-like enemy that originates from a Nintendo Family Computer (or Famicom) game called "Flappy." These enemies that relentlessly chase Flappy both horizontally and vertically. Ebira tend to mimic Flappy's movements, so Flappy must be careful to avoid being charged by a persistent Ebira.

In The Game

Like its origin, Ebira appears as an enemy in Luck Dragon Lunacy, that can be collected as points.


  • The word "ebi" is a Japanese term for shellfish, which means crustaceans such as crabs, which Ebira is based on.
  • Ebira resembles a Goomba from Super Mario Bros.
  • Ebira's name is also based off Ebirah, which was a kaifu film monster which is based on an enormous monstrous lobster that appeared in a few Godzilla films and numerous video games.