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Duck Hunt Dog, or simply Dog, is a minor character in Abobo's Big Adventure.


Duck Hunt Dog originally appeared in the NES game; Duck Hunt, as the dog grab the dead bodies of ducks when you shoot the ducks. If you miss shooting any duck, the dog will infamously laugh at you.

In The Game

He is also one of the possible NES characters that can appear in the doorway of the game's Intro of the game, with other possible characters seen in this doorway being a Fireball, Eggplant Wizard, Mr. Egg, Birdo, and Cut Man. The dog would also be angry and flip the bird on each finger, since he wasn't chosen.

The dog only appears once in a cutscene in the game's story mode in Pro Wrabobo where he comes out of a big hole and laughs, while Tom Guycot is standing right next to him and he shoots lasers at the dog. The dog's head is then burned. The dog then looks upset, and it goes back into his hole.