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Double Drabobo is the first level of Abobo's Big Adventure. Based on the game Double Dragon (which Abobo hails from), Double Drabobo plays out as a beat-'em-up. The boss of this level is Shooter Gavin.


Double Drabobo starts out on a basic city street, a nearly perfect replica of the starting area in the game that it is based off of. Merely progress down the street and fight enemies. A does a simple kick, whereas S does a punch, which can be combed into a second punch and a head slap. Barrels can be picked up and thrown with A, and will explode after a few throws. When Abobo hits certain enemies (Ransomling and Ransom Gal) he will eat their head to gain health, and their body can be thrown, which acts as an explosive barrel. At certain spots, you will not be able to progress until killing all onscreen enemies.

When faced with the T&C Skater, a single kick will instantly kill him, though timing can be difficult. Just after this, Donkey Kong will appear and rain down exploding barrels, which must be dodged until all the other enemies are killed, at which point the ladders will drop down so you can fight Donkey Kong directly. If you can quickly get down and kick DK Jr. during the brief span he appears after defeating the elder Kong, you will regain a little health. After another group of enemies, you will fight a mini-boss, Beardy Barrel. Beardy can fire flaming balls at you, but is otherwise not too difficult than the normal enemies you've been fighting. After a final small group of enemies (which can be easily dispatched off with the nearby Ransom Gal), enter the building for the boss fight. Shooter Gavin is similar to Beardy, but his hits and shots from his gun do a lot more damage. There's also a conveyor belt in the middle of the room, and falling into the pit it runs into is an instant loss of one life.

The Rage Move for this level is called "Rocky Rage."



Associated achievements

  • Beardy Basher
  • Forklift Foul
  • Child Chomper
  • Run Abobo, Run!
  • Private Party
  • Ironic
  • Fooled You
  • Kong Punt
  • Waste Not
  • Rocky Rage


  • The opening cutscene to Abobo's Big Adventure, where Aboboy gets kidnaped, is identical to the opening cutscene to the NES version of Double Dragon.
  • Most of the graphics of the original game were retextured for this level.
  • The elevator glitch from the original game was recreated for the Private Party Easter Egg.