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Jerome Doc Louis is a non-playable character in Abobo's Big Adventure. He has semi-major role near the end of the story of Abobo's Big Adventure.


Doc Louis originally appeared as the trainer for Little Mac in the 1987 NES game Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!/Punch Out!!.

Role In Abobo's Big Adventure

He is first seen breaking out of Kirby after Kirby vomits out many other NES characters and Kirby turns back to normal, implying that Kirby sucked up Doc Louis, and the puffball murdered many other NES characters while Little Mac was powerful, having his own army of NES characters and enemies, and was taking over the world of the NES.

Abobo encounters Doc Louis on the ground covered in spit, Abobo tries to attack him but Doc Louis responds with "Wait!, I know who has Aboboy!" Doc Louis mentions that after he was finished training his trainer Little Mac, Little Mac went all power crazy and used his skills for evil!, such as attacking other people such as Mario's brother Luigi and a member of the Battletoads, along with many other NES Characters.

Doc Louis confirmed that Mac kidnapped Abobo's son Aboboy to prove the word of the NES that nobody can stop him, Abobo then gets angry, Doc Louis mentioned that Abobo's only hope is to defeat Little Mac is to train Abobo, Abobo responds, Doc Louis pulls out his hand and what's to shakes Abobo's hand, Doc Louis then said "So whaddaya say, Abobo?", Abobo agreed as he agrees with him.

Abobo is seen in training with Doc Louis in New York City, as Abobo is holding Doc Louis, while he is riding on his bike, Doc Louis then tells him "Abobo so cray-zay!". Abobo then prepares for his fight against Little Mac in Punch Out!!

After a certain round, if the round turns 3:00, after Little Mac replies to the both of them, Doc Louis then mentions "I taught that little bastard everything I know! now it's time for you to teach him everything you know... with your fists!", Doc Louis tells him the same thing after more rounds passes, Doc Louis replies with the same thing for two times, in an another round, after Little Mac replies to them with a different speech.

Doc Louis can also say "Hey Abobo, did you happen to find the secret at the end of level 1 before the boss fight?, no?, guess you'll have to look again after you defeat Little Mac!". He also says "Boss fight? No? Guess have to look again after you defeat Little Mac!"

After Little Mac becomes Big Mac and his round ends, Little Mac insults the both of them again, Doc Louis replies "Mac's smart Abobo!, dodge then counter-attack to land your punches!", or "side he starts out on!". After an another round passes, Little Mac does an another speech, while Doc Louis replies to Abobo "Don't give up, Abobo!, remember he's got your son and that ain't no fun, so punch his face 'til you have his on the run!".

After Abobo defeats Little Mac with the power glove and Little Mac's head flies from his body and into the air, Doc Louis is last seen saying "Join the Nintendo Fun Club today! Mac". It's unknown what happens to Doc Louis after Abobo recuses Aboboy, and both of them murder dozens of NES characters in the Punch Out!! arena afterwards.