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Dino Roller is a enemy that appears in the level Mega Mabobo.


Dino Roller's design is taken from a fire breathing dragon like enemy called Fygar, who is an enemy from the 1982 arcade game Dig Dug, which was ported to the NES, that breathes out fire. The roller that Fygar rides on is from an unknown NES game or presumably custom-made, which could been made exclusively for Abobo's Big Adventure. The enemy's name is part "Dino", which refers to Fygar, despite his dragon appearance, while the latter word "roller" refers to the reptilian riding on that roller, colored black and teal, which one of the roller's wheels is colored yellow and a side of red.

In The Game

Two Dino Rollers appear in the stage, which can start breathing out fire at Abobo, but it can be defeated in four hits.


  • His mugshot obviously has an resemblance to Fygar's unused mugshot, but breathing out fire, also only his head and a small bit of his wing are visible in the image.
  • Dino Roller's teeth are absent in his mugshot, despite his sprite having the same teeth as Fygar, which is odd since Fygar's unused mugshot has visible teeth.