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Dig Dug is a unique enemy in the Zeldabobo level.


Dig Dug is the main protagonist that originally appeared in the 1982 arcade game Dig Dug, which was ported to the NES. His real name is Taizo Hori, and he has the ability to pop and inflate the enemies; Pooka and Fygar, by using his weapon in a underground setting as he digs. He is colored blue and white, and he has two black eyes.

In The Game

Dig Dug appears only appears in one room in the Zeldabobo, if Dig Dug pops up Abobo, Abobo will be inflated and becomes fat, he will have 15 seconds for the inflation to run out, as enemies such as a Shy Guy, a Bob-omb and a Ghost will spawn. The inflated Abobo can't touch or let the enemies pop him, Abobo will die if this happens. Dig Dug takes a couple of hits to die.