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Cut Man is a cut themed robot master and that serves as a minor character in Abobo's Big Adventure.


Cut Man is one of the six original robot masters created by Dr. Light along with Guts Man, Ice Man, Fire Man, Ice Man, and Bomb Man that all served as bosses in the original Mega Man game after reprogrammed by Dr. Wily for conquering the world. He is also one of the most ironic and popular Robot Masters in the series. His design in the original game is colored red instead of orange.

In The Game

Cut Man only appears in the doorway in the Intro along with other possible NES characters, with the others being a Fireball, Eggplant Wizard, Mr. Egg, Birdo, and Duck Hunt Dog. He is one of the three Robot Masters seen in the game, with others being Bubble Man (who appears as a mini-boss in Super Mabobo) and Air Man (who makes a brief cameo in the game after being vomited out by Kirby once he is defeated in Contrabobo).