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The Credits to Abobo's Big Adventure are a parody of the credits in Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA). Like the SMB2 credits, the screen depicts a character sleeping in their bed about the dream of the adventure he had in it. Well in this case, its Abobo, who replaces Mario, and wears a "A" cap, and sleeps in a bed, as he dreams, which shows Abobo and his son Aboboy, after killing many NES characters. After Abobo wakes up from the dream, he continues to sleep, while images of other iconic fictional characters from popular culture that never originally appeared in the game, and the main antagonists appear on the side. After the credits are over, "The End" is listed above the screen, the player can exit to the title screen, or donate the game to get a free copy of Aboboy's Small Adventure.



  • Roger Parr
  • Pox Power
  • Nick Pasio

Special Thanks

  • Tom Fulp
  • Dave Fulton
  • Brad Webb
  • John Bower
  • Jeff Bandelin
  • Draby Davis
  • Matt Cochran


"We would like to thank all of fans, friends and families, for their support and patience over the years during the production of this huge labor of love." "It meant the world and kept us going." "Goonies never say die."


  • Similar to the Intro, which parodied Mega Man 2's Intro and had the same intro music playing, the credits in this game play the same music from its said origin.