Contrabobo Player Two

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Contrabobo Player Two is the secondary playable character in Abobo's Big Adventure. Who is only playable in Contrabobo.


Player Two originates from Abobo's Big Adventure, however design-wise, he is based off Lance Bean, the deuteragonist of Contra, having a blue headband and red pants.

In The Game

Contrabobo Player Two is a secondary playable character in Contrabobo, that can be summoned, after being unlocked if the player does the Konami Code on their keyboard. The player can control him with the I button, and he shoots by using the O button. He behaves the same way, that Abobo in Contrabobo does, though you are going need a second player to control him.

He also appears flying a warship during Abobo's rage move "Bombs Away". The player is also given a "Double Trouble" medal for unlocking him.

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