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The Continue Screen is a game mechanic that appears in Abobo's Big Adventure.


Anytime Abobo dies in the game from any enemy, obstacle, bottomless pit, mid-boss or boss, this continue screen would play. This depicts Abobo being chained and roped up as he is being executed by the game's antagonists, Little Mac, Shooter Gavin, Big Daddy, Old Man, The Amazon, Robobobo and Java (for some reason). They watch him as a razor blade slowly goes toward Abobo with a countdown meter from the numbers 10 to 0 and a question mark is displayed on top of the screen. If it reaches to 0, the razor blade will kill him and Abobo would get a game over along with blood splattering onscreen. If the player presses "A", the player would get a continue instead and would continue process.


  • The continue screen in Abobo's Big Adventure is a reference to the arcade version of Ninja Gaiden. Anytime Ryu Hayabasa dies in that game, he would be sent to the continue screen. If the player presses a button, he would be chained and roped up before being killed by a similar razor blade coming down to him by the game's antagonists.
  • Kirby and Urban Champ are the only antagonists in the game that don't appear in the continue screen.
  • It's unknown why Java appears in this continue screen, despite never working with any of the antagonists in the game.
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