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The Continue Screen is a game mechanic that appears in Abobo's Big Adventure.


Anytime Abobo dies in the game from any enemy, obstacle, bottomless pit, mid-boss, or boss, this continue screen would play, and depicts Abobo being chained, and roped up in a execution type room, and the game's main antagonists Little Mac, Shooter Gavin, Big Daddy, Old Man, The Amazon, Robobobo and Java (for some reason) watch as a razor blade slowly goes toward him, with a countdown meter from the numbers 10 to 0 with a question mark is displayed on top of the screen and if it reaches to 0, the razor blade will kill him, and Abobo would get a game over with blood splattering onscreen. If the player presses "A", the player would get a continue instead, and would continue process.


  • The continue screen in Abobo's Big Adventure is a reference to the arcade version of Ninja Gaiden, anytime Ryu Hayabasa dies in that game, he would be sent to the continue screen, and if unless the player presses a button, he would be chained and roped up before being killed by a similar razor blade coming down to him by the game's antagonists.
  • Kirby and Urban Champ are the only antagonists in the game that don't appear in the continue screen.
  • Its unknown why Java would show up in the continue screen, despite never working with any of the antagonists in the game.