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Bubbleman is an enemy and a mid-boss that appear in the stage Super Mabobo.


Bubble Man is one of the bosses and a robot master that appear in the NES game, Mega Man 2. Bubble Man's battle takes place underwater, so Mega Man will be able to jump much higher than usual. The player must be careful not to jump too high, as there are instant-death spikes on the ceiling. When the battle begins, Bubble Man will shoot three Bubble Leads, then jump over to the other side of the room. The bubbles are avoided by passing under them when they are bouncing. He'll repeat this strategy several times. If Mega Man tries to jump, Bubble Man will shoot him down with his arm cannon. He is vulnerable to attacks when he shoots his bubbles or when he lands.

In the game

Bubbleman appears in the stage Super Mabobo. He shoots three Bubbles in a row. He can be defeated about three-four damages. He can't be eaten.