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"I have one simple request, and that is to have sharks with frickin' laser beam attached to their heads!"
—Dr. Evil’s famous quote, and Big Daddy's origin.

Big Daddy is the boss of the stage Super Mabobo.


It was created specifically for Abobo's Big Adventure, possibly to make fun of the dinky size of Jaws in his NES game. The fact that he has a laser beam attached to its head is in all likelihood an Austin Powers reference.

In The Game

After Jaws' defeat, Big Daddy comes and eats half of its body. Later, it attempted to kill Abobo with its "LAZOR!"s and Roof Chunks and Tetris Blocks.

Eventually, Abobo defeated it and its laser exploded with itself. Abobo gets "Bloody Chum" medal after Big Daddy's death.


  • His theme is the boss theme from Batman Returns.
  • In the credits of the game, Big Daddy is credited as "Mega Shark" instead.